Is it possible…

June 3, 2009

That I miss high school already? Over the past weekend so many things happened that I would think to myself “oh my goodness i need to remember this to tell my friends at school on Monday.” Then I would remember…oh wait…it’s summer, after my senior year. I don’t have school anymore at all. I don’t even have to go ever. I’ll have to just call or text or hang out with them to tell them. It’s actually kind of sad. It’s actually REALLY say.

The second sad thing is that…of the people I’ve hung out with since graduation, ONE is one that I went to school with. Of course I’m not saying you non-Holliday-ans aren’t good enough but I don’t want those friendships to start slipping away. 
I text constantly, yet I find myself not texting my best high school Holliday friends, which then makes me feel guilty. I’m just not in the habit of texting them. I guess I need to get in that habit.
Now, I’m not saying I want to go back to do the entire high school experience over again, but there are parts I’m not yet ready to let go of: my daily interaction with friends I’ve known forever, band, lit crit, one act, speech/debate. I even miss Mrs. Scarbrough’s hounding about Student Council business.
HIGH SCHOOL FRIENDS! We need to hang out soon, and not let ourselves grow apart!

Well Happy Mother’s Day to all the great Mother’s in the world!!!

Ugh i’m sooo tired!!!!!!! I had a very good but very busy week!!!! The highlight was DEFINITELY going to OC and getting my schedule and stuff and my MACBOOK!!! Which I love!!! And haven’t used the Windows side much to be honest.

I don’t really have any exciting stories except that State is getting closer and I’m getting so excited for that and Graduation. I just get so tired…I don’t blog enough!!! blahgklajlkdjiltgjahgkdafklj. byeeee!!!

I’m bad

May 2, 2009

I must say I am quite the slacker…I NEVER update this blog!!! I really should, blogging is FUNNNNN!!!!

So…quick update on the important current events of my life…


Lit Crit

One Act Play


State was supposed to be next weekend, but thanks to H1N1 (better known as the SWINE FLU!!!) it has now been moved to May 25-28. Which is pretty awesome I guess because it will be like a vacation right up to the point of the day before graduation!

We leave the 24th to travel. I do Prose prelims the 25th, then on the 26th I have Prose finals and Lit Crit, then on the 27th we do one act, and the morning of the 28th we get our one act critiques and then come back! Then the 29th is graduation!!!! I’m so excited to be graduating.

I saw Hannah Montana with my friend Shayne tonight and my mom. I have an odd relationship with that show/movie. I really despise Miley Cyrus, but I like the show. So it’s strange. The movie is cheesy beyond belief and Miley is pretty unbelievable when she does dramatic moments but other than those parts I really enjoyed it.

Well, I’m out. I’m tired and I have a busy weekend ahead of me!!!!

Slumdog Millionaire

February 22, 2009

I must admit I haven’t blogged in a while but I’ve been pretty busy with school and everything but I actually had a free weekend for the first time in a long tifme this weekend.

Tonight I went with my friends Shayne, Thad, Joe, and Cody to see Slumdog Millionaire…and I’m beyond glad  I did so.

Slumdog is honestly one of the most amazing, touching, inspiring, and heart-racing movies I’ve ever seen. I am constantly amazed in general in the film industry as to where people come up with ideas for some of these movies!!! The film is also a wonderful glance into Indian culture in my opinion. The cast was all wonderful, and the soundtrack is one I will definitely be adding to my collection.

Slumdog is nominated for Best Picture and while I haven’t seen all the nominated films…I will be honest and in my vote put it ahead of Benjamin Button (a film I also loved). In any case, I highly recommend Slumdog Millionaire to everyone ever. Because it really…kinda changes your life.

Snow Day (2 days in a row)

January 28, 2009

OK i’ll be honest…I like snow days… when there is snow to go with it! These past two days have just been icy icy. not fun. it’s not like i can go ICE SKATING!

whatever…at least I’m not at school…but we have used 2 bad weather days. not cool.

in any case…I’m going to do some scholarship stuff so I can get a lotta money for college!!!!! BYEEEE!!!

p.s. i’m watching the Dark Knight as well. 🙂

This Weekend/ No School

January 19, 2009

We had a speech tournament this weekend and I’m pretty mad about how it turned out. I got 3rd in HI and 3rd in DI.

HI, not such a big deal bc I’m already qualled for state but in DI i needed 6 points and had I gotten 2nd I would now be qualled…The reason I got 3rd: there was a 3 way tie for 2nd so they had to draw our names out of a hat and it’s just my luck that I would get drawn for 3rd place, and the girl who got drawn for 2nd was like…sooo horrible and I don’t know who placed her up there in the first place.

Oh well, at least it wasn’t 4th. I still gotta get 2 points now.

In any case I have no school today because of Martin Luther King day. Thank goodness for MLK. I have racism, and I’m white so people probably think I’m b.s.-ing.

I just think it’s beyond ignorant to judge based on the color of someone’s skin. Stupid. God doesn’t care one ounce, so I don’t care.

What a Week

January 16, 2009

So, even though I should be getting used to going back to school…it’s getting HARDER to wake up every morning. I guess it’s just senioritis.

This has been such a busy week. We had a delightful 2 day speech clinic at the beginning b/c UIL is around the corner (gotta get another state gold!) and we have a tournament this weekend so I’m already exhausted.

But I definitely plan to bring home at least one first place trophy. Gotta rack up some more hardware!!! LOL. I will miss speech after high school.

One Act is going amazingly. I love my part…it’s something I can really sink my teeth into. Villianous, yet charming. I know I’ve only scratched the surface so I look forward to really digging in to the character and growing as an actor.

Tonight after a very pleasant endless one act rehearsal, I joined my parents at a birthday dinner for our neighbor and his wife and a couple from their church. It was sooo fun! We had delicious delicious delicious steaks, rolls, salad, and baked potatoes. Then we ate ice cream and cherry cobbler for dessert. Last we played Sequence and the MEN PREVAILED! Yaya.

Well I’m gonna shower and pack for the tournament. Long weekend ahead. Byee!!

American Idol 2009!

January 14, 2009

Starts in like 4 minutes!!!

Let’s go everyone tune in!!!!!

Be prepared for many blogs over Idol starting soon.

Marley & Me

January 11, 2009

Yesterday evening my mom, dad, and I decided to go see Marley & Me, starring Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson, and a load of yellow labrador retreivers.

This movie should win an Oscar. This is a good movie to see if you like being entertained and taken on an easy ride. My family automatically was drawn to it because it has a lab and we are a lab family!

Basically: Jen & Owen are newlyweds who move to Florida, get an adorable lab puppy whom they name Marley, and later dub him world’s worst dog. However, Marley goes through so much with them, even saving them from a nuclear spill the birth of three children! yes, 3. Kids…gotta love them.

In any case, I will say there were cheesy moments but hilarious moments and even Eric Dane (Grey’s Anatomy’s Womanizing Dr. Mark Sloan) plays Wilson’s best college buddy (not really widening his acting range, he plays true to his womanizing role, but it’s still fun to see him out of the operating room).

In any case, I’d give the movie 4 of 5 stars because it made me pee my pants cry. And let me say…a movie, has never made me cry. Not one time in my life has a movie made a tear roll down my face (not even Boy in the Striped Pajamas) but Marley and Me took my cry virginity.

So there you have it. Marley and Me. I wouldn’t take my 5 yr old bc there is some language and sexual moments but it’s a true call to family life and pet love.

Sunday, Sunday

January 11, 2009

Well hello bloggers. I need some friends on here so that…that statement can actually be accurate b/c the only friend I really have here is my sister leah lol.

How do i wanna do this blog? Raw emotion? Angsty? Simple updates? Maybe just a combination of my whole life evens. I don’t really know how to put pictures in and I’d like to do that as well.

Basically, I’m just a blog baby for right now. Lost to the ways of blogging.

My dad is currently behind me snoring up a storm.

To know a trifle bit about me, I have a youtube channel (with one video) with the same name as this blog (joshuamac22) so go check that out.


So i’ve decided…it’s an everything blog. Including reviews for movies, books, cds, etc. Sounds about right to me.